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Our Core Services

The Value Chain

Solonius develops, finances, realises and operates large-scale projects in the field of renewable energies. All project-relevant services are single-source services. We are familiar with the market and have expertise in the technologies:


  • wind power
  • photovoltaic
  • hydropower

Key Factors

  • site development
  • financing
  • procurement of the components


These are the key factors that define the success of large-scale projects. We offer these services from a single source. Established procedures allow a prompt implementation while maintaining low costs.

Our Qualitiest

  • Experienced management
  • Single-source services
  • Return-oriented investment concepts
  • Individual portfolios
  • Constant cash flows
  • Comprehensive expert network


In the field of future-oriented energies, we offer solutions from a single source – with a high degree of transparency and particularly with a predictable high-yielding cash return.