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Partner for Renewable Energies

Development, Financing, Realisation, Operation

Solonius’ success is based on our professional project management. In order to guarantee smooth procedural security, Solonius takes all responsibility for the essentials in the projects such as development, financing, realisation and operation.

Site Development

Solonius handles all tasks connected with site development. We analyse framework conditions, site qualification and estimate costs, risks and rewards.

Besides developing concepts for risk management, consulting and support with regard to concluding the required contracts and the authorisation process are an integral part of our scope of duties.

Project Financing

In addition to site development, financing of high-quality plants is part of our core business. We finance large-scale projects via private or institutional investors.

We structure debt and equity capital according to the demands of the respective projects – and of course according to our partner’s wishes. We can thus realise your project while minimising your risk.



Wind power, photovoltaic or hydropower – Solonius takes care of the entirety of EPC services.

Solonius chooses those companies with regard to engineering services as well as material and construction that can ensure high-end quality for your projects.

Operational Management

Considering the long operating periods of our plants, operational management must meet high requirements. Solonius ensures successful project operation by providing professional technical and commercial support during the entire operating period.


We take an integrated approach in taking care of developing, procuring and operating assets in the segments wind power, photovoltaic and hydropower.