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Asset Manager for Renewable Energies

Business Portfolio

The core services of our activities include the following areas:


  • site / product procurement
  • Product development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Transaction services
  • Management & operation

Renewable Energies as an Emerging Market

In recent years, there has been a major change in the established power generating markets. The ever-growing use of power generating systems that produce green power without fuel input has provided strong competition for conventional power generation. Traditional structures are dismantled and growing markets emerge.

Holistic Approach

The promising environment of power generating markets creates an ideal framework for the Solonius Group to generate stable and attractive yields with high-quality assets. Experts in energy management, project financing and asset management have long experience in business, expertise and know-how. Through their entrepreneurial approach, they can grant access to attractive projects and investments.

Solonius is your reliable partner and provides you with perfectly fitting and high-yielding solutions with an emphasis on alternative investments in the segments wind power, photovoltaic and hydropower. Our range of services covers all of your demands from projecting to procurement to operational management. We offer transparent and calculable investments from a single source.